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Together we make powerful shifts


Be Love

A workshop that will rock your world


This one day experience is going to shift your being and will catapult you forward on your path.


We are letting go of old, deep-rooted patterns, which no longer serve you!


I only recommend this day to people who have already a foundational understanding of energy, experience with energy healing or to people who are willing to let go of the old and who are seeking freedom!


The creative expression means exploring our inner truth!

Bringing your heart and integrity into the light so we can see it more clearly,

and maintaining sanity in this world.

The keywords here are explore, experiment, and express yourself!


'Be love' is the latest workshop that I have developed.


Please contact me for more details or if you want to organize a workshop near you.

Self Empowerment

With Reiki initiation and much more


Everybody will receive Reiki1 which enables you to use this healing
technique instantly.

The course is also available with Reiki2 or Master level.

Most of my friends, colleagues and myself have been able to work with Reiki and used it as the first stepping stone on our journey.

Many of us have developed over the years their own techniques and tools to work with but we all are very thankful for the beautiful gift of Reiki in our life’s.

We also reconnect part of your circuitry with receiving ‘The Template’ ceremony. We will share a story, laugh and enjoy the process to find balance, health and happiness through your personal identity.

We will open and clear your psychic channels.

This workshop is a gathering to strengthen your being on all levels.

What will we learn and receive in this workshop?

- Reiki Initiation with a certificate and The Template ceremony1 (sacred geometry)

- energetic balancing and clearing / and the use of crystals in your life

- methods to ground yourself and shield yourself - health, nutrition and detox ideas

- all my knowledge offered from my 20 years experience with energetic work

- connecting the dots of the bigger picture in conversation and with documentaries and    links I like to share (bring a memory stick or laptop!)

Please contact me for details.

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