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Animal communication and healing


Passionate about animal wellbeing, 

I have partaken in a few animal communication courses over the years, in Europe and in Australia, to deepen my understanding and communication with animals. 

This works for wildlife as much as for our beloved pets.

Animals are highly sensitive to energies and sense so much around them 

I seem to have a gift in this area as well. 

Over twenty-five years ago, some friends use to call me Dr Doolittle already. I wasn’t into healing work or psychic abilities at the time but heard especially dogs communicating to me. They told me about their needs, thirst or hunger.


The biggest shift occurred after a dear friend asked me to perform a Reiki initiation on one of her horses. The doorway to other animals communicating to me opens up after that. Gaining the understanding of the different frequencies or layers we need to tune into, to understand and be able to translate the messages.


Healing, alignments and clearings will take place. I am also offering assistance and receiving insights, of what your animal may need.




Deniz's gentle and unique ways of connecting to our higher-self is deeply uplifting. We do feel a lot from our dog. The insights we gain each time Deniz is connecting with her are priceless. It is so heart-opening to hear what our dog feels, experiences and is happy to share with Deniz. It opens, reminds and connects us with other levels with our dog. 
We are deeply grateful for her work and always will ask her for tuning in, if we feel like our dog unwell and would benefit from her loving look.

Brown Dogs

Maximiliane and Yirko

Pet Parents to Cosi



Deniz brings many special qualities to her work. There is just something special there, a vast awareness coupled with immense abilities. I have been so lucky to learn from Deniz and also for her to work with the animals. She was able to work with Reiki to bring comfort and peace to my horse Darcy who really needed to experience that in her life. I highly recommend Deniz for her work both in person and by distance - it really is no different and equally effective. The flow-on effects continue even after your contact with her work, with it seeming to unlock the potential for further flow and ease going forwards. Blessed to know you Deniz x

Animal brown horse


 Darcy's Guardian

South Coast

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