My name is Deniz Akan. I was born and brought up in Germany with German/Turkish family background. I am living in Australia since 2010 and spent over a decade in Asia beforehand.

I am a therapist and facilitator with over fifteen years experience in alternative healing and teaching. I am offering personal treatments, group healing’s, remote healing, workshops, as well as property and business clearings.

I work with a variety of modalities which I configured into Dimensional-Healing.

In a treatment I include crystals & gemstones, sound & vibrational healing and shamanic healing. I connect to celestial bodies, sacred geometry and interdimensional beings.

This method has the ability to provide healing on all levels of your being (physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, astral body and your fractal body).

Energetic healing is a powerful ancient tradition and heals on those many levels to bring joy, vitality and boundless energy back to your life.
An alternative way of balancing and clearing all facets of your multidimensional Self.  

My guidance and intuition sharpened over the years.I wasn’t always able to perceive energy, information and vision the way I am now.  
Any psychic abilities or remote viewing can be learned.

I am here to help people achieve the same and to live their true potential.

Giving a person just that extra nudge to be back on their path and to deepen their awareness is the greatest gift I can offer. I am very excited to be here for this job.

Fortunately I had many magical experiences in my life which left me with no doubt about our multidimensional existence.

I have learned Lomi Lomi massage at the beginning of 2015 and added this beautiful heart opening therapy to my box of tricks. Lomi Lomi is complementing Dimensional-Healing well.

Be in balance and harmony within yourself!


Frequently available in Brisbane and at the Gold Coast, in Bellingen and Coffs Harbour, in Newcastle, Sydney Jervis Bay and Melbourne.



Healing Ceremonies are suitable for humans, animals, plants, events and more.  

Prenatal, kids, adults, the elder or already passed over. Past life, this lifetime and future self ~ working on all timelines.

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