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I am an International therapist, channel and facilitator for personal transformation. Sensitive, compassionate and grounded Earth woman with Interdimensional connections, and crystals as my friends. I live my life through intuition and open heart space and I hope for others to do the same.


Gracious explorer and an adventurer, my work and discovery took me across our planet, from Europe to Asia, the Americas, and now Australia.


I grew up as a sensitive, natural nourisher and a healer. Understanding of the gifts and talents unfolded throughout the years of learning, experiencing, and diving into the depths of spirituality. 


Dimensional-Healing emerged as an authentic and unique practice. The therapy was shaped through decades of discovery and tapping into the wisdom of many modalities, attributes, and personal gifts.


I have gained full trust and confidence in my work by being a witness to shifts and transformations from within. The work reflected in my personal growth and experience, and I saw the positive outcomes and received endless heartening feedback from the clients that I have taken through this process.


Fortunately, I had many magical experiences in my life, which left me with no doubt about our multidimensional existence. Source of wisdom, which is accessible to all through a clear channel. When we clear and open, we are able to receive its divine gifts, which serve our highest good. 


I have been speaking and sharing on ABC Television, radios, festivals, retreats and many other public occasions.


My work and life is dedicated in assisting the Global Evolution and raise of Galactic Consciousness. 


Are you ready to partner and bridge some worlds together?




Frequently available in Brisbane and at the Gold Coast, in Bellingen and Coffs Harbour, in Newcastle, Sydney Jervis Bay and Melbourne.


Healing Ceremonies are suitable for humans, animals, plants, events and more.  

Prenatal, kids, adults, the elder or already passed over. Past life, this lifetime and future self ~ working on all timelines.

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