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Seed of Love Network

Here are the links to my favourite people, friends, healers and clairvoyants.

Take the time and check out the diverse range and colours they present.

Someone might just call out to you ...


Chiropractic (Gold Coast)

Since I am pretty sensitive to energies I had to find body adjustments, that won’t be old school and causing more intensity to my body, but rather have the energetic impact of assisting my body to realign again. I have regular treatments here and feel their benefits immensely. Highly recommending these guys for body issues and pains. Have a read through their website for more information. If you are sensitive to energies you are going to be in for a surprise of how much these sessions open you up to higher alignments. 


TCM, Shiatsu, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Japanese Yoga (Sydney & online) 

I have known Kelli since I arrived for the first time for a visit to Australia. 

Her work and ever-growing knowledge, intuition and guidance blow my mind. If you are based in Sydney it’s a ‘must go to’ for sure. 

The combination of wisdom brought together is amazing. I am booking in each time I come through town and even make sure I see Kelli on her travels as well. She helps me keep my energy (chi) replenished, my body in alignment and my face looking amazing! Honestly, try cosmetic acupuncture… 

Kelli also offers great yoga classes (in person as well as online classes available). Kelli also shares a great Newsletter. Check it all out! 


Numerology, Palmistry
Tarot & Clairvoyance 

(learn numerology with other 11:11 See’rs)

Facebook: The Numbers Queen (weekly video forecasts)

YouTube: Skea271

Instagram: SarahYip1111

Sarah is a very close and dear friend of mine. We met at the MBS expo many years ago. Not to mention that she is one of the best in her field of expertise. Sarah offers the most incredible insights you could ask for. 

She has read for me so many times. Each session offers more depth and understanding. Great to get a reading around your birthday, which I always do for guidance of the year ahead.

Sarah and her husband Kris work in combined sessions as well, which is highly recommended too! We got the divine feminine and divine masculine energy at play here and the information coming through them both is just incredible. Extremely helpful and fun to connect with them both.

Apart from this, Sarah also offers a well of information through her webpage, articles and blogs. Go and have a look at what you find within this treasure-box of a website.


TCM (Melbourne)


Jacob offers great treatment plans and awesome acupuncture plus sessions which incorporate massage and cupping as well. Perfect combination for your whole(some) being. They are my favourite ones. Jacob is specialised in many areas and keeps deepening his studies. Whenever I am in Melbourne I make sure to book in. Greatly appreciating Jacobs work. Check out his website for more details on his expertise.


TCM (Gold Coast)

I met Maz walking the dogs at Burleigh beach!

When we finally found out what we do for work I couldn’t believe it.

I am extremely stoked to have crossed paths with this amazing woman!

Maz is another sensitive with powerful gifts and talents. 

My wish was granted to find a great practitioner up at the Gold Coast.

I am pretty picky with whom I trust and let into my energy field.

If you are looking for a gem up here, you just found her too!

Checkout her website for further information and insights.


TCM (Brisbane) 


Tia is an incredibly gentle soul with an eager focus upon helping you and your overall health of body, mind and spirit.

I am so glad that I crossed paths with Tia, who has become my ‘go to’ TCM practitioner in Brisbane. Her guidance, intuition and strong focus always assist me to feel more aligned, refreshed and filled with energy. 

If you feel depleted, have ailments or pains, or just want to keep on top of your health, she is the lady to see! Tia also offers cosmetic acupuncture, which is pretty incredible. This radiant soul offers great unfolding for your wellbeing! Check out Tia’s website to book an appointment.


Intuitive Guidance, Psychic & Mentor 

This intuitive and sensitive soul is also a lifepath 1, like me. We are dear friends and Julie has read and channelled or me many times. Julies guidance has always been extremely helpful. 

If it is connected to day to day life, business, love or family matters, I have always gained a deeper sense of self back afterwards. 

You may know that Julie and I have a shared YouTube channel to provide guidance and insights (Soaring Alignment) and she offers her own channel as well. Check them out to get a feel for her work and make sure to visit Julie's website too. All links are on there.


The Art of Being Okay

(based in Germany, working via video call)

The systems work or genogram method, that these two brilliant souls offer, has really helped me to shift out of old family patterns, clearing ancestor lines of blockages, releasing stress and tension within my own system (from the building blocks of each setup within) as well as assisting me to grow and finding my true self or my sense of belonging within. 

The closest I can describe it as is, this is the deepest form of family clearing work within the depth of the matrix. 

Going deep to shift you out of the old system and find your strength.

Straight into the mud to clear all, which may hold you back.


Akashic Records, Channel, Guidance, Mentor


Zeo is one of my ‘Galactic brothers’ with an incredible connection to the Akashic records, Higher Guidance and Master energies. 

He is an international channel with many years of experience and travelling the world with his work. If you have questions, want to know deeper insights or gain clarity about your path, Zeo is the guy! 

I have received quite a few readings from Zeo and they have always given me great insights and viewpoints that I haven’t been aware of. 

All of it has assisted me immensely on my own journey.

Apart from this, Zeo also creates incredible crystal jewellery (tools for the advanced soul journey) for expansion, support and further development. 

I have quite a few myself.

Check out Zeo’s page and follow him on social media to get a feel for his offerings. 

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