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Business & Property Clearings

Channelling for Abundance

Essential hygiene program and clearing for your environment. We release all the imbalances and blockages while enhancing and blessing the location for your utmost benefit. 

I connect to the spirit of the property and form a crystal grid. Once activated the property is placed within this crystal structure. There is information in all the layers of this work. I use my oracle cards for further insights as well. I will let you know every part of what I perceive through the session and transmission. 

The feedback I have received for remote property and/or business clearings have been pretty amazing. People actually feel (and some see) the change/shift, the light pouring in; visitors positively commenting on the place; instant boosts of business and increased energy for the people who are within the space.


The results never cease to amaze me. 

What to expect:

  • An influx of positive energy which boosts all parts of the aimed for, may it be a unit, house, property, land or business. 

  • More flow, referrals and influx of clients. 

  • Harmony within the family or work colleagues. 

  • Attracting the right kind of people and work

  • Increased focus and stream of new ideas through the creative flow.

  • Bringing in personal power, awareness and acknowledgement.


The initial session (same as with a new client) is priced at $260.

Any follow-up clearing and alignment is available for $222.

Prices are in Australian dollar.

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